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cv biography

 ____fabrics interseason, vienna


wally salner, johannes schweiger




the coordinates of fashion and design in general, contemporary fine arts, cultural history, performance and (electronic) music describe the areas and interfaces, within which ___fabrics interseason locate and position their works and projects. in accordance with their artistic method, the projects, performances and the collections and presentation are based upon concepts which are developed from an intensive research of socio-political discourses and phenomena.

___fabrics interseason are interested in codes, which manifest themselves in individual and collective clothing patterns, in identity-generated values and their readability. the collections do not only function as the analysis of these codes and even the analyses of a live within a surface (with all their socio-political implications); but because of their ability to be worn, they also infiltrate an exclusive and highly individual lifestyle by deliberately proclaiming a critical or political stance. the approach to fabrics, textiles and fashion not only happens on a "superficial" level, the main interests are set on the content and life within a surface.

___fabrics interseason present their collections twice a year during paris pret-a-porter fashion week and continually take part in  international art-exhibitions.


lectures / workshops


swiss institute, nyc (USA), academy of fine arts, munich (GER), academy of fine arts, oslo (NOR), university of fine arts, vienna (A), office for contemporary art, oslo (NOR), ONE smart space, vienna (AUT), stedelijkmuseum of modern art, amsterdam (NL), kunsthalle/hfk, bremen (GER), kungliga konsthögskolan, stockholm (S), vienna university of technology, vienna (A), academy of fine arts weissensee, berlin (GER)



presentations / exhibitions / projects


jan 09    “archive 98-08”, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

mar 09   “straight edge”, coll. f/w2009-10), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

may 09  “twilight zone”, kunstraum niederoesterreich, Vienna, A

jul 09      “too much of everything“, Y3K gallery, melbourne, AUS

sep 09   “flüchtige zeiten”, westfälischer kunstverein, münster, GER

sep 09   “provisorisches yoga“, steirischer herbst, grazer kunstverein, graz, A

oct 09     “latte mama“, coll. s/s2010, tkyo fashion week, museum at tamada project, tokyo, JP

nov 09    “pièces montrées“, galerie joyce, paris, F


jan 08    “orlanding the dominant – a queer burlesque“, costume-design/props, brut/konzerthaus, vienna, A

feb 08    “hietzing reform”, coll. f/w2008-09), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

jun 08    8festival for fashion and photography, semperdepot, Vienna, A

jul 08      manifesta7, european biennial for contemporary art, alto adige, I

oct 08     “dominant design”, coll. ss2009, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

dec08    “in between-austrian contemporary art”, genia schreiber university art gallery, tel aviv, israel, IL


apr 07    “döbling reform: panier & biobourgeoisie”, grazer kunstverein, A

apr 07    “modern vögeln: panier & biobourgeoisie”, gallery michael hall contemporary, vienna, A

apr 07    “dysfashional – adventures in post style”, rotonde 1, ville de luxembourg, lux

jun 07    “paper from reims: 5 years with encens”, place museux, ancient collège des jésuites, reims, F

jun 07    fashion biennale arnhem, arnhem, NL

jun 07    “ende neu”, PARK, vienna, A

jun 07    “lange nicht gesehen. begegnungen mit dem museum auf abruf“, MUSA, vienna, A

sep 07   “frankie goes to hollywood”, INOVA, institute of visual arts, milwaukee, USA

oct 07     “döbling reform” (coll. ss2008), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F


jan 06    “one person alone in a room with coca-cola coloured walls”, grazer kunstverein, A

mar 06   “abierta pasarela 06”, fundacion murcia XXI – diseno y moda, murcia, E

may 06  “entering a strange field – surface: tapisserie n°1”, kunstpavillon innsbruck, A

aug 06   “you wear it well”, short films about fashion, style & beauty, cinespace los angeles, USA, supperclub,

               san francisco, USA, flanders fashion institute, mode natie, antwerp, B

oct 06     o–dorf (coll. s/s 2007), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

nov 06    “protocol FI”, the loft, book release, vienna, A


mar 05    science fiction (coll. f/w 2005/06), espace saint martin, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

apr 05    “living and working in vienna II”, austrian cultural institute, new york city, USA

may 05  “living and working in vienna II”, kunsthalle, vienna, A

jun 05    “wie wien”, galerie de gele rijder – centrum beeldende kunst, arnhem, NL

jul 05      bbb studio01.gallery, fira de barcelona, E

jul 05       bbb studio01.gallery, kabelwerke, berlin, GER

sep 05   egovacuum records / soundtracks release cd compilation

oct 05      product placement (coll. s/s 2006), l´espace pierre cardin, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

dec 05   ”fresh trips”, kunstraum, innsbruck, A


feb 04    3rd berlin biennale for contemporary art, martin gropius bau, berlin, GER 

mar 04   adhocracy(coll. f/w 2004/05), union centrale des arts décoratifs/ucad, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

apr 04    ”atelier europe : a small post-fordist drama”, kunstverein munich, GER

apr 04    ”adhocracy performance“, 3rd biennale for contemporary art, kunstwerke, berlin, GER

jun 04    “off the record / sound arc”, museum of modern art of the city of paris, F

jul 04      “detox”, crossover jam culture, quart04 festival, sorlandets kunstmuseum, kristiansand, NOR

oct 04      turbomoedels (coll. ss 2005), studio 101, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

nov 04    “ehe”, auto / new space for contemporary fine art, vienna, A


mar 03   MENOpause / economics of time (coll. f/w 2003/04), galerie ghislaine hussenot,

               prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

apr 03    “party within party”, selfware / politics of identity, helmut list halle, graz, A

may 03 “berlin m´exite” andrea crews, heeresbaeckerei, berlin, GER

oct 03     tupperware (coll. s/s 2004), theatre de la gaité lyrique, prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F


mar 02   “contructed normality #modern nervs (coll. f/w 2002/03), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

sep 02   “infiltration / protocol / egovacuum”, museum of contemporary art, Leipzig, GER

oct 02     constructed normality # club med / chlor (coll. s/s 2003), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

dec 02   “five cigarettes a day keep the doctor away”, laden gallery, lothringerstrasse 13, munich, GER


jan 01    “infiltration” (collaboration w. fon), secession vienna, A

may 01  lodge (coll. f/w 2001/02), museum for applied arts / mak, Vienna, A

oct 01     constructed normality # promesse du bonheur (coll. s/s 2002), prêt-à-porter fashionweek paris, F

nov 01    egovacuum records / soundtrack #05 by philipp quehenberger


jan 00    “>>fast forward”, ccac, san francisco, USA

mar 00   “haltbar bis… immer schneller: design auf zeit”, kunstraum dornbirn, A

apr 00    ”austrian psycho nights“, volksbuehne berlin, GER

sep 00   ”infiltration“ (collaboration w. fon), museum for applied arts / mak, vienna, A

oct 00     visual noise / FEM (coll. s/s 2001)

oct 00     egovacuum records / soundtrack #04 by men at arms feat. grace marta latigo


apr 99    egovacuum records / soundtrack #01 slipmat

apr 99    egovacuum records / soundtrack #02 by pomassl

apr 99    “>>fast forward”, kuenstlerhaus, vienna, A

may 99  ”too far enough“, suisse institute, new york city, A

oct 99     “mourning”, equinox (coll. f/w 2000/01), sewage system wienfluss, vienna, A

nov 99    egovacuum records / soundtrack #03 by susanne brokesch

nov 99    fashionlab99, d.u.m.b.o. arts centre, new york city, USA


may98   “outing”, collection cash fabrics interseason, wipark multi-storey parking lot, westbahnhof, vienna , A

dec 98   “freezing”, collection shinjin rui fabrics interseason, frogoscandia cold storage, vienna, A