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heavy metal revolving door

adhocracy installment 01

3rd berlin biennal for contemporary art, berlin 04

 ____fabrics interseason: ADHOCRACY installment 1 – „drehtür / heavy metal revolving door“ (meet, mob and move on)
installation of a revolving door consisting of window frames/glass, steel, insulating foam, wood, exposed aggregate concrete, poster.

Third Berlin Bienniale for Contemporary Art, Martin Gropius Bau, February 2004

For the third Berlin Bienniale for Contemporary Art in the Martin Gropius Bau in 2004, and along with the staging of the DADA performance “adhocracy”,  a revolving door was conceived and installed, making reference in form and content to Marcel Duchamp´s “big glass”.
Marcel Duchamp had likewise used revolving doors as image carriers at the first large surrealist exhibition in Paris, where he was responsible for the exhibition display.


















exhibitionviews martin gropius bau, photography by __fabrics interseason