3D dizzy dancefloor discoball

performance: ausziehen

living and working in vienna II, kunsthalle wien, vienna 05


 ____fabrics interseason: 3D dizzy dancefloor disco ball
installation of a disco ball of styrofoam and mirrors, wood, metal, fluorescent egg cartons

living and working in vienna II, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, May 2005

A stage space is conceived for “living & working in Vienna II”, in which a performance takes place for the duration of the exhibition. The room, which features a 2m disco ball, is suspended from the ceiling and can be moved three-dimensionally, i.e. its walls and floor are not rigid, but flexible. The walls function as projection surfaces/displays and are fitted with neon-coloured egg cartons.

____fabrics interseason: “ausziehen” (move out, undress)
performance with disco ball, bubble wrap, tape, stage lightning, loudspeakers, sound, flyers etc.

living and working in vienna II, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, June 2005

the „3D dizzy dancefloor disco ball“ by ____fabrics interseason was removed from “living & working in Vienna II” before the exhibition was ended. Only an empty space remained.

On one evening, the disco ball, part of the stage setting, was publicly removed from the kunsthalle building and the Vienna museumsquartier and rolled to the “future-garden”, a nearby club/bar in mariahilfer street, where it was temporarily “stored”.

exhibitionviews by__ fabrics interseason, steve wyckoff